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There are eight stations planned on the North Metro Rail Line. Six of them will be built under the existing contract. They are listed below in order from south to north. As funds become available the line will be extended from 124th to 162nd Avenue.   

Station Names Finalized
The RTD Board of Directors finalized the station names for the North Metro Rail Line in April 2015. RTD works closely with the local jurisdictions to determine recognizable station names that are consistent with other RTD stations. Station names need to be finalized early for consistency and efficiency throughout the project.

48th & Brighton · National Western Center (Denver)

Commerce City · 72nd (Commerce City)

Original Thornton · 88th (Thornton)

Thornton Crossroads · 104th (Thornton)

Northglenn · 112th (Northglenn)

Eastlake · 124th (Thornton)

Stations to be built in the future:

York · 144th (Thornton)

North Thornton · Hwy 7 (Thornton)

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