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Noise and Vibration

Noise impacts are a top concern of residents adjacent to transit lines.  RTD follows  regulations set by the Federal Transit Administration and the RTD moderate impacts policy to mitigate noise impacts from the new rail line. Noise walls will be built in all areas with severe and upper moderate noise impacts based on the noise evaluation.  The walls will be as close to the track as possible and on RTD property.

Noise Study Fact Sheet

 RTD designs and builds its rail lines to be as quiet as possible:
  • The rail is continuously welded, so there is no "clickety-clack" that you hear with freight trains
  • The trains are powered by electricity so engine noise is minimal
  • RTD
    is installing safety measures that will allow the cities to apply for
    "Quiet Zones" at all crossing, eliminating the need for the train to
    sound their horn
Noise Study - October 2015
     Noise Study     

     Noise and Vibration Addendum- December 2015 

Final Noise Wall Locations:
     Noise Walls Locations between 88th Avenue and Thornton Pkwy
     Noise Wall Locations North of 104th Avenue

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