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Northwest Rail Line Phasing

Following is one of five key study areas within the Northwest Area Mobility Study. Each of the five areas will be evaluated in context to produce a comprehensive set of solutions to improve overall mobility for the entire northwest area.

Northwest Rail Phased Construction Map
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As part of the Eagle P3 project, the first segment of the Northwest Rail Line, from Denver Union Station to the south Westminster station at Lowell Boulevard/71st Avenue, is currently under construction and scheduled for completion in 2016. This study will evaluate operational/service options for the Northwest Rail Line, as well as construction-phasing options, to the following stations:
  • Westminster Center/88th Avenue
  • Church Ranch
  • Broomfield/Flatiron
  • Louisville
  • Boulder Transit Village
  • Downtown Longmont

Among the factors that the study will analyze are the needed capital improvements and base-year costs required to complete the various phases, as well as other improvements that would be needed to allow incremental phasing of the corridor. The study will also develop an operating plan and ridership estimates for both a full build-out as well as a phased build-out approach.
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