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First Bus Makes Test Run at Denver Union Station

A bus made a test run into the gigantic Underground Regional Bus Facility at Denver Union Station for the first time.

The bus went into the facility on Friday, June 14 to check bays, sign heights and other necessities for buses and passengers.

A bus entered the Underground Regional Bus Facility at Denver Union Station for the first time. June 14, 2013An RTD bus goes into Denver Union Station's bus facility for the first time. June 14, 2013

Key stats for the structure include:
  • 1,100 feet long
  • 22 bus bays
  • 165 feet wide
  • Concourse 44 feet wide
If stood vertically, the structure would be more than 300 feet taller than the tallest building in Denver.

Green Features

The bus terminal is built with all kinds of features that make it more environmentally friendly. In fact Denver Union Station will be one of the few transit projects in the United States with LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) silver certification.

One of the features easy to notice is the skylights built into the 17th St. Gardens above the bus structure to help provide light inside the facility.It will open to passenger traffic in 2014.

Denver Union Station <br />bus facility fan, June 2013Big fan helps ventilate the Regional Underground Bus Facility at Denver Union Station

Really Big Fans Clean the Air... and Serve Double Duty

The new underground bus facility at Denver Union Station has already had its first bus make a test run. The bus terminal is environmentally friendly and it takes some high tech equipment to make that happen.

There are three 150,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) exhaust fans that provide ventilation to the underground bus lanes. For a little perspective, a typical residential exhaust fan is around 50-75 CFM.

The exhaust system serves double duty. In addition to handling all the exhaust from the bus lanes, it is designed as a smoke management system in case of a fire. 
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