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Overhead lines powered up on G Line, B Line

RTD and its contractor, Denver Transit Partners have the power lines turned on along the Gold (G) Line between Union Station and the Wheat Ridge•Ward Station and on the Northwest Rail (B) Line to Westminster for testing. 

Power line installation Olde Town Arvada
Power line installation at Olde Town Arvada Station

These wires carry 25,000 volts of electricity and can be extremely dangerous, even fatal, if anyone comes close to them. RTD asks everyone to please stay away from the tracks and the wires, and never try to touch or throw anything at them.

You should always assume that if the wires are installed that they are live with electricity.

In 2016, trains will begin to run under their own power so it is important to remember these other safety tips:
  • Never trespass on any train track - it is illegal and dangerous
  • Cross the tracks only at designated crossings; always follow safety signs and obey warning devices such as flashing red lights and gate arms
  • Stay alert and look both ways for trains - you may not hear them coming and they can come from both directions
  • Never trespass onto construction sites and stay off the train station platforms until they are open to the public
You can find much more information about how to stay safe around trains here.
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