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Helpful Hints for Businesses

How to survive construction as a business owner:
  • Be creative with "We're Open During Construction" signage 
  • Check out the City of Aurora Small Business Development Center's website and get some tools from their Tool Box for Business brochure
  • Link our Construction Information - Lane and Road Closures to your website
  • Link your website as a participating business - email us with your web address link
  • Initiate coupon program to promote support for your business - email us with a link to your webpage, Groupon, DealChicken, Amazon Local, etc.
  • Include message on your voicemail to say "we're still open during construction" and to "watch for closures/detours"
  • Encourage employees and delivery drivers to sign up to receive weekly construction updates at and click on I-225 Rail Line
Business Access Sign
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