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Consensus Building

Collaboration among northwest area stakeholders is paramount to the success of this effort. A Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) and Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) comprised of elected officials and staff from jurisdictions in the Northwest area has been formed for the study.

Through a series of facilitated meetings, the committees will follow an open, cooperative and transparent process by which the Regional Transportation District (RTD), local jurisdictions and the Colorado Department of Transportation can achieve consensus on the study decisions.

The roles of the two committees are as follows:

  • Policy Advisory Committee - Comprised of elected officials representing the interests of their constituents, the PAC is the study's consensus-building group. The role of the PAC is to consider input from the consultant team, the TAC and the public in order to establish consensus on each of the study decisions. Click here to view the members of the PAC.

  • Technical Advisory Committee - Comprised of technical/managerial staff from area jurisdictions, the role of the TAC is to provide input and analysis on a range of technical and operational issues in a manner that supports the PAC's ability to develop informed consent on the study decisions. Click here to view the members of the TAC.

Ultimately, the consensus achieved in this study will need the approval of the RTD Board of Directors. If the consensus involves adding or removing projects from the 2004 FasTracks program, it may require the approval of residents through a district-wide election.

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