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West Rail Line History

West Rail Line History
The West Rail Line is set in one of the most diverse and historic areas in the metro region. The line largely follows the path of the orginial Denver, Lakewood, and Golden Railway.

West Rail Line History Fun Facts: a fact sheet filled with famous historical figures, and community history. 

The History of the West Rail Line: a presentation formulated by former transit reporter Kevin Flynn of the Rocky Mountain News.

Eiber Neighborhood History: Paul Ditson, an active community member of the Eiber Neighborhood took the time to research his roots in the City of Lakewood. The Eiber region covers north/south: 6th Avenue - Colfax Avenue and east/west: Wadsworth Boulevard - Oak Street.

Sun Valley Neighborhood History: Tina Griego of The Denver Post completed extensive research on the Sun Valley neighborhood in the City of Denver. She discusses the new opportunities that the West Corridor will bring to the neighborhood.

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Part 3

Historic Denver Tramway Information: click the link to see a schedule and route of the historic Denver & Intermountain Railroad. To see old photos of the railway click here to visit our Human Interest section in the photo gallery. 

Historic Trolley in San Francisco: Click the link to view a video found on Youtube of a trolley traveling down Market Street in San Francisco in 1906. The camera was placed on the front of the trolley.

Federal Bridge is Falling Down: the Federal Bridge which spans the historical Lakewood Gulch in Denver is being rebuilt. It has been said to be one of the top 10 worst bridges in the state of Colorado. This is the second time this bridge has been rebuilt since it's original construction in the early 1900's.

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