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17th St. gardens have 'green' features for bus facility

There are eight skylights built into Denver Union Station's 17th Street Gardens.  They have an important job which is to light up the inside of the new underground bus facility.

As part of RTD's commitment to sustainability, these skylights will reduce the amount of electrical output needed to light up the bus facility.

Skylights in 17th St. gardens for bus facility at Denver Union StationSkylights in 17th St. Gardens for underground bus facility at Denver Union Station

New bus center to get environmental certification

DUS will be one of the few transit projects in the Unites States with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver Certification. Here are some of the requirements that have to be met in order to achieve the certification:
  • Water usage reduced by 30 percent by utilizing low flow restroom facilities
  • Constructed skylights to reduce energy costs and provide natural lighting
  • 10 percent of all building materials used have come from within 500 miles of Denver Union Station.
  • 20 percent of all building materials come from recycled content.
  • A minimum of 75 percent of all construction/demolition debris will be recycled or salvaged.
See more photos of the 17th St. Gardens and construction at Denver Union Station.
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