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Signs of Construction: Roadway Rebuilding

Utility relocations, wall construction and light rail guideway construction has taken place and will take place along the whole I-225 Rail Line project. Once these elements are completed, the road will be rebuilt.

Roadway construction includes grading the subsurface to the correct height. Curbs and gutters are formed with rebar and then the concrete is poured. Once it has cured (reached proper strength), the roadway is built.

Most of the roads being constructed as part of the project will be made from asphalt. Asphalt is a mixture of aggregates and oil and is placed in two-to-three- inch lifts at a time until the specified number of inches for roadway is reached. The typical asphalt machine lays two inches by 12 feet (roughly one lane wide). Once the asphalt has cooled to 140-150 degrees, it becomes hard and is released for traffic to drive on it.

roadway rebuilding
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