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Project Changes 2008

In 2008, following a detailed look at the West Rail Line budget, it was determined that additional cuts on the project were necessary.  All non-transit specific elements were examined and decided upon.

Toward the end of construction, if contingency funds are available, RTD will ask the affected areas (Denver, Lakewood, Golden & Jefferson County) to work together and provide RTD with a list of priorities to reinstate into the project.

Revised Windscreens - changes include the elimination of the stone cladding around the posts. The windscreen glass design of the Craftsman theme, integrated benches and the size of the windscreen remain unchanged from the 90% design.

Revised Shelters - changes include the elimination of the stone cladding around the posts, simplification of the railing design, simplification of the canopy shelter, and elimination of the shelters on the westbound platforms. The majority of travelers on the West Rail Line will travel eastbound in the morning and westbound on the return trip. The majority of waiting for a train will occur for eastbound commuters.
Revised Lighting -  Light poles will all change to one style.

Bike Path - The bike path has been narrowed from 12' to 10' throughout the corridor.  This change also reduces the amount of property needed for the project.  Since Kipling bridge is already under construction, the bike path width over Kipling remains at 12', but the ramps coming off the bridge will change to 10' in width.

Bridge Paint - The bridges over 6th Avenue and Indiana will change to weathering steel, as opposed to being painted.

Red Rocks Pedestrian Bridge - the pedestrian bridge over 6th Avenue was deferred from the project. The elevator shaft on the south side of the highway (in the light rail station) will remain in the plans so that if and when the bridge is reinstated, the light rail station won't be affected.

2008 Project Budget & Deferments

In June 2008, the Regional Transportation District (RTD) and the contractor, Denver Transit Construction Group, reached agreement on a Guaranteed Maximum Price for construction of the West Rail Line light rail project. Including the final construction contract price. The total project cost of the West Rail Line will be $707.6 million, which reflects the unprecedented escalation in the cost of construction materials and
fuel. The total West Rail Line project cost prior to an agreement with Denver Transit Construction Group (DTCG) was $634 million. However, the increased costs of materials and fuel in the current market are impacting construction bids.

The $707.6 million includes all design and construction costs for both civil and systems work, the acqusition of all right-of-way necessary for the project, and the purchase of all light rail vehicles for the project. 

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