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Signs of Construction: Building Structures Part II: Bridges

There will be bridges to take the light rail over Iliff, Mississippi, 6th and Colfax avenues and Peoria Street.

Bridge construction includes
walls for the abutments and the rest of the sub-structure (piers & abutments), and the super-structure (concrete girders, deck, & small walls).

The sub-structure for the bridges on the I-225 Rail Line project will include the abutments, a center pier and 5-7 pre-casted concrete girders. The center piers will be round and approximately 5-7 feet in diameter, with a cap on the top that will hold the girders. The girders will range from 5-7 feet tall and the length will depend on area to be crossed. Concrete girders are used on this project because they are cost-effective, provide sufficient strength and allow for a more comfortable train ride.

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