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Purpose and Need

The Purpose and Need statement established the benchmark from which all North Metro Corridor alternatives were evaluated during the Environmental Impact Statement process. The North Metro team finalized the Purpose and Need statement in September 2006.  The "purpose" is essentially the reason for the project.  The "need" statements present the current and projected conditions that the project must address.

The North Metro Rail Line Purpose and Need statement is as follows:

The purpose for the proposed North Metro Rail Line Project is to implement high-capacity, fixed guideway transit within the North Metro corridor between DUS access and the 162nd Avenue area.

This study addresses several transportation-related issues in the North Metro corridor study area.  In summary, the North Metro Rail Line Project would help meet the following needs:

  • Need for mobility improvements.
  • Need for regional connectivity.
  • Need to serve traditional and new transit users.
  • Need to support community and regional plans, including the voter-approved FasTracks Plan (RTD 2004).
  • Need to qualify for federal funding programs.
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