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Area 2 Construction

6th Avenue Bridge - Oak Station
Crews are finalizing items at Oak Station. Ongoing activites include work of the driver relief station, setting the remaining lights, complete power up and testing, and install signage at the station. Crews will also lay the top mat of asphalt on the Oak Station access road and  complete signage and striping by mid to late July. 

Garrison Station - Wadsworth Boulevard
Work on Garrison Station platform and re-work should be complete by early July. The elevator tower glazing at the Wadsworth-Lakewood Station is complete. By mid to late July, crews will complete plaza paving under the station, and in late July, early August crews will complete the installation of the elevators in the towers. Work in the garage is ongoing. 

Vance Street - Lamar Station
Roadway reconstruction on 13th Avenue is ongoing.  A gas line at Teller Street will be lowered by mid July. Once complete, crews will move back into the area to complete roadway work on Teller Street at 13th Avenue. Roadwork on 13th Avenue between Reed Street and Pierce Street is in full swing. Crews are expected to be in the area for approximately three weeks. Work on the bike path from Marshall Street to Lamar Street is scheduled for completion in early August. In mid July, crews are scheduled to reconstruct the roadway at 13th Avenue and Lamar Street. Through the month of July, crews will complete work on the Lamar Station.  

Harlan Street - Sheridan Station
Road work at Harlan Street is complete.  In late July, crews will install drainage modifications on the Sheridan Bridge, and by mid August crews will complete the tie-in of the Sheridan bike path under the bridge. Minor, ongoing work continues at the Sheridan Station.
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