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Area 1 Construction

Jefferson County Government Center (right)

The bike paths along the Jefferson County-Golden Station are complete. Crews continue to landscape in the area.  Final items at the station include installation of the driver relief station, bike path railings and site furnishings.

To view a video feed of construction on the Jeffco Campus click here.

Earl Johnson Road to Red Rocks Station
Crews continue work on Ulysses Street. The procurement of lights for the I-70 tunnel is complete and the installation within the tunnel is ongoing. Work along the U.S. 6 highway and Frontage Road is ongoing.  

Union Boulevard 
Lane closures are in effect on U.S. 6 eastbound offramp as crews are working to complete fencing and guardrail installation. Lane closure will remain in effect on Union Boulevard to complete the north side signal foundations and road work on the ramp.  



North Avenue to Federal Center Station (Left)
Final irrigation and landscape work continues at the Federal Center Station.
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