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The North Metro Corridor Final Environmental
Impact Statement (FEIS) document represents more than four years of in-depth project development, evaluation, refinement and public outreach. The North Metro FEIS analyzes the potential impacts and benefits of the Build Alternative compared to the No Action Alternative in the North Metro Corridor study area.

The North Metro Corridor FEIS can be downloaded by clicking on the links below. Please note that due to file size, the content of some sections of chapters 3, 4 and appendices have been split into manageable downloads.

Executive Summary [PDF] (2.5Mb)
Provides a detailed overview of the document and delivers an appropriate amount of technical information in a condensed format.

Signed Page, Abstract, Preface and Table of Contents [PDF] (292Kb)

References [PDF] (89.3Kb)
Lists the sources for all references sited in this document.

[PDF] (42.3 Kb)
Defines common transit terminology, adapted from the American Public Transit Association Glossary of Transit Terminology (1994.)

Volume I

Chapter 1: Purpose and Need [PDF] (2.49Mb)
Presents a discussion of the purpose of the project, the need for mobility improvements, and goals for the project.

Chapter 2: Alternatives Considered [PDF] (8.89Mb)
Describes the alternatives development and screening process used to identify and define the No Action Alternative and Preferred Alternative to be evaluated in detail for the North Metro corridor study area.

Chapter 3: Affected Environment and Environmental Consequences [PDF] (255Kb)
Describes the existing social and natural environmental conditions in the North Metro corridor study area and in smaller project study areas, which vary in size by resource, and the anticipated impacts associated with the No Action Alternative and Preferred Alternative. The information is organized by resource topics, alignments, and stations. Potential mitigation measures are also identified in this chapter. These mitigation measures are finalized in the Record of Decision spring 2011.
Section 3.1: Social Impacts and Environmental Justice [PDF] (3.36Mb)
Section 3.2: Land Use, Zoning, and Economic Development [PDF] (1.42Mb)
Section 3.3: Land Acquisition, Displacements, and Relocation of Existing Uses
Part 1 [PDF] (9.57Mb)
Part 2 [PDF] (8.7Mb)
Part 3 [PDF] (7.3Mb)
Part 4 [PDF] (5.7Mb)
Section 3.4: Archaeological, Historic, and Paleontological Resources [PDF] (3.63Mb)
Section 3.5: Visual and Aesthetic Qualities [PDF] (3.88Mb)
Section 3.6: Parklands and Recreation Areas [PDF] (8.37Mb)
Section 3.7: Air Quality and Energy [PDF] (155Kb)
Section 3.8: Noise and Vibration
Part 1 [PDF] (9.3Mb)
Part 2 [PDF] (9.36Mb)
Part 3 [PDF] (5.1Mb)
Section 3.9: Biological Resources [PDF] (1.17Mb)
Section 3.10: Natural Resources [PDF] (5.18Mb)
Section 3.11: Hazardous Materials [PDF] (406Kb)
Section 3.12: Safety and Security [PDF] (61.2Kb)
Section 3.13: Utilities [PDF] (457Kb)

Volume II

Chapter 4: Transportation
Discusses the existing transportation system and the anticipated
benefits and impacts that would results from implementation of the No
Action Alternative and Preferred Alternative. Potential mitigation
measures are also identified. 
Part 1 [PDF] (7.96Mb)
Part 2 [PDF] (5.21Mb)

Chapter 5: Evaluation of Alternatives Considered [PDF] (55.9Kb)
Preferred Alternative regarding how well it meets the project Purpose and Need. A financial summary and feasibility is also provided.

Chapter 6: Public Comment and Agency Coordination [PDF] (2.36Mb)
Describes the public involvement process, including coordination with the Local Governments Team, the Agency Working Group (AWG) and the general public for selecting the Preferred Alternative. The AWG includes the joint lead agencies, Regional Transportation District and FTA, cooperating and participating agencies, and the railroads.  
Chapter 7: Final Section 4(f) and 6(f) Evaluation [PDF] (7.32Mb)
Describes the results of the Section 4(f) and 6(f) analyses conducted to demonstrate the protection of parklands, recreational resources, wildlife and waterfowl refuges, and historic sites.

Chapter 8: Response to Agency and Public Comments [PDF] (538Kb)
Provides and lists responses to all agency and public comments received during public comment period following the release of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.


Appendix A [PDF] (34Kb)
List of EIS Prepares

Appendix B [PDF] (41Kb)
List of EIS

Appendix C
Advanced Basic Engineering
Due to file size Appendix C is available upon request.

Appendix D
Cultural Resources Information
Part 1 [PDF] (7.77Mb)
Part 2 [PDF] (7.35Mb)

Appendix E [PDF] (1Mb)
North Metro Corridor Coordination Plan 

Appendix F
Agency Correspondence
Due to file size Appendix F is available upon request.

Appendix G [PDF] (3.27Mb)
FasTracks Programmatic Cumulative Effects Analysis

Appendix H
Part 1 [PDF] (9.43Mb)
Part 2 [PDF] (9.18Mb)
Part 3 [PDF] (8.88Mb)
Part 4 [PDF] (4.42Mb)

You can request a CD of the complete FEIS by contacting Brenda Tierney at 303.299.2401.
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