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Signs of Construction: Utility Relocations

Second in our "Signs of Construction" series is the identification and mapping of existing underground utilities located within the I-225 Rail Line alignment.

Goodbee & Associates, Inc., a woman-owned small business sub-consultant, is leading the upfront utility coordination with the public and private utility companies to accurately locate and map existing utilities within project limits. The all-female team can be seen in the field performing in-street and off-road tests to confirm the exact location and owner of each existing underground utility.  

Typical utilities that exist underground may include electric transmission lines, natural gas lines, water mains, storm drains, wastewater lines, traffic signal and street lighting wiring, telephone lines, cable television, internet and fiber optics.

Goodbee is working closely with Aurora Water, Xcel Energy, CenturyLink, Time Warner Telecom, Comcast, CDOT, and others to confirm the accuracy of each utility and incorporate the "as-built" information into the project design drawings.

Knowing precisely where utilities are located helps the design engineer avoid or plan for the removal and/or relocation of a particular utility in the process of designing the rail alignment. Accurately identifying utility locations in the design drawings and in the field helps to avoid any potential conflicts before digging in a particular area.  
Goodbee & Assoc Utilities

Photo courtesy of Goodbee & Associates
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