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Local Business Impacts

Whenever RTD has road closures or lane restrictions in place due to our construction, we have detours set up that allow you to continue shopping or doing business at local establishments that are close by.

But sometimes, detours can seem intimidating to casual travelers, and as a result the businesses can feel the pinch caused by loss of drive-through traffic.

To help address that, the Eagle P3 Project -- East Rail Line, Gold Line and Northwest Rail Westminster Segment -- has set up an interactive map that shows local businesses along our 36-mile construction zone.

The map is broken into construction segments, and clicking on each segment, as in the example below, will pop up a listing of the businesses in that vicinity. We encourage you to support these businesses during construction. And remember to stay safe, follow detour signs and obey instructions from our flaggers!

Click on the map below to go to the full interactive tool. Or look at a spreadsheet of the businesses that are on the map.

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