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There are a large number of walls of various types being constructed along the West Rail Line, each holding its own significant purpose. 

Retaining walls hold earth and dirt from sliding into the rail area. They can be concrete that is poured on site (Cast in Place-CIP), block or Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE).
MSE Walls are reinforced, soil constructed walls. Created by fitting together individual panels with straps that extend into the earth and then backfilling dirt behind the wall, MSE walls can be retaining or approach (examples at Kipling or Wadsworth). 


Soil Nail Walls are built from the top down, and can be seen under construction at the Jeffco Government Center.

Ballast walls hold in the ballast (rocks) that are under the ties and track. Railing or fencing is attached to the top of these walls wherever there are no soundwalls. 

Soundwalls are used along the trackway to mitigate the noise from the train to the adjacent neighbors.
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