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This website contains updated information only for those corridors actively in construction, the Southeast Rail Extension and North Metro Rail. All other content on this website is meant for historical purposes only and may not be up-to-date. Please visit RTD-Denver.com for the latest information about RTD.

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Acronym List

I-225 Acronym List

ACHP      Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
ADA        Americans With Disabilities Act
AMI         Area Median Income
APCD       Air Pollution Control Division
APE         Area of Potential Effect
AST         Aboveground Storage Tank
BAT         Best Available Technology
BFE          Base Flood Elevations
BMP         Best Management Practice
BRT         Bus Rapid Transit
BTU         British Thermal Unit
CBD         Central Business District
CDOT       Colorado Department of Transportation
CDOW      Colorado Division of Wildlife
CDPHE     Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
CDPS        Colorado Discharge Permit System
CERCLA    Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act
CERCLIS   Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and
                Liability Information System
CEQ         Council on Environmental Quality
CESQG     Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Conditionally Exempt Small                         Quantity Generator
CFR          Code of Federal Regulations
CGS          Colorado Geological Survey
CIP           Capital Improvement Plan
CMP         Construction Management Plan
CNG         Compressed Natural Gas
CO           Carbon Monoxide
CO2         Carbon Dioxide
CORRACT Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Corrective Action
CPTED     Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
CR           Commuter Rail
CSP          Central Shortgrass Prairie
CWA        Clean Water Act
dBA         A-weighted Decibel
DC           Direct Current
DEIS        Draft Environmental Impact Statement
DEM        Digital Elevation Model
DIA          Denver International Airport
DOT         Department of Transportation
DRCOG     Denver Regional Council of Governments
DUS         Denver Union Station
EA           Environmental Assessment
EAC         Early Action Compact
EE           Environmental Evaluation
EIS          Environmental Impact Statement
EMF        Electro-magnetic frequency
EMI         Electro-magnetic interference
EMM       Environmental Methodology Manual
EPA        Environmental Protection Agency
ESA        Endangered Species Act
FHAD      Flood Hazard Area Delineation
FC           Federal Candidate for Listing under the Endangered Species Act
FE           Federally Endangered Species under the Endangered Species Act
FEIS        Final Environmental Impact Statement
FEMA      Federal Emergency Management Agency
FERG       FasTracks Environmental Resource Group
FHWA      Federal Highway Administration
FIRM        Flood Insurance Rate Map
FONSI      Finding of No Significant Impact
FRA         Federal Railroad Administration
FT            Federally Threatened Species under the Endangered Species Act
FTA          Federal Transit Administration
GIS           Geographic Information System
HOV         High-Occupancy Vehicle
HSWA       Hazard and Solid Waste Amendments
HUD         Housing and Urban Development
Hz            Hertz
ICCNA      International Cross Cultural Network of Aurora
I-225        Interstate 225
ITS           Intelligent Transportation Systems
Kg            Kilogram
Ldn          Day-Night Average Sound Level
LED          Light Emitting Diode
Leq(h)     Hourly Equivalent Sound Level
LOS          Level of Service
LPA          Locally Preferred Alternative
LQG         Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Large Quantity Generator
LRT          Light Rail Transit
LRV          Light Rail Vehicle
LUST        Leaking Underground Storage Tank
LWCFA     Land and Water Conservation Fund Act
M and E   Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment 303(d) Monitoring                  and Evaluation List
MBTA       Migratory Bird Treaty Act
MESA       Modified Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
MG           MilliGauss
MIS          Major Investment Study
MOA         Memorandum of Agreement
MOU         Memorandum of Understanding
MS4          Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System
MSA          Metropolitan Statistical Area
MSAT        Mobile Source Air Toxics
MUTCD     Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
N/A          Not Applicable
NAAQS      National Ambient Air Quality Standards
NAC           Noise Abatement Criteria
NAICS        North American Industry Classification System
NEPA         National Environmental Policy Act
NFPA         National Fire Protection Act
NHPA         National Historic Preservation Act
NMR           Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
NOX           Nitrogen Oxide
NPDES       National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
NPL           National Priority List
NRCS         National Resources Conservation Service
NRHP         National Register of Historic Places
O3             Ozone
OAHP        Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation
OCS           Overhead Contact System
OSHA        Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OW           Open Waters
PA            Programmatic Agreement
PCEA         Programmatic Cumulative Effects Analysis
PHA           Preliminary Hazard Analysis
PM2.5        Particulate Matter of 2.5 microns in diameter or smaller
PM10         Particulate Matter of 10 microns in diameter or smaller
pnR           park-n-Ride
POTW        Publicly Owned Treatment Works
ppm           parts per million
PUC           Public Utilities Commission
RAQC         Regional Air Quality Council
RCRA         Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
ROD           Record of Decision
RTD           Regional Transportation District
RTP           Regional Transportation PlanSB40        Senate Bill 40
SC             State Species of Special Concern
SCRGP       Sand Creek Regional Greenway Partnership
SDWA        Safe Drinking Water Act
SE              State Endangered Species
SFHA          Special Flood Hazard Area
SHPO          State Historic Preservation Office/Officer
SIP              State Implementation Plan
SOV            Single Occupancy Vehicle
ST               State Threatened Species
STIP            State Transportation Improvement Program
SQG            Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Small Quantity Generator
T & E          Threatened and Endangered
TAZ            Transportation Analysis Zone
TCM            Transportation Control Measure
TDM            Transportation Demand Measures
TDP             Transit Development Plan
TIP              Transportation Improvement Program
TMDL           Total Maximum Daily Load
TOD             Transit Oriented Development
TPSS            Traction power substations
TSD             Treatment, Storage, and Disposal
TSM             Transportation System Management
TSS              Total Suspended Solids
UC Denver   University of Colorado, Denver Campus
UDFCD         Urban Drainage and Flood Control District
µg/m3          Micrograms per cubic meter
USACE         United States Army Corps of Engineers
USC             United States Code
USDA           United States Department of Agriculture
USDOT         United States Department of Transportation
USEPA         United States Environmental Protection Agency
USFWS         United States Fish and Wildlife Service
USGS            United States Geological Survey
UST             Underground Storage Tank
VA              Veterans Affairs
VC              Vibration Categories
VdB            Vibration Decibels
VHT            Vehicle Hours Traveled
VMT           Vehicle Miles Traveled
VOC           Volatile Organic Compound
WL             Wetlands
WQCC        Water Quality Control Commission
WQCD       Water Quality Control Division
WQCV       Water Quality Capture Volume

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