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I-225 Rail Line Newsletter - August 2014

Crews work through downpour on Colfax bridge


Downpouring rain didn't stop crews from completing their big job of installing girders for the light rail train bridge at Colfax and I-225 in Aurora. See more photos of their work in the rain here.

Webcam at Florida Station goes online

A webcam is set up at the I-225 Rail Line's Florida Station where you can check on construction progress. See it here.

Quality tours set standards for best rail lines

RTD and Kiewit team on a qualty tour at the Iliff station
RTD and its partner on the I-225 Rail Line, Kiewit, go on weekly quality tours together to make sure construction stays on time while the best rail lines are being built. Read all about it in our blog.

Video: The power behind making RTD's light rail trains go

RTD Systems Engineering Project Manager Jason Barber walks us through everything it takes to give the light rail trains their power. They systems to do that are being built up and down the I-225 Rail Line now.

Aurora Channel 8 recently featured this video as part of its coverage of the progress of the rail line.

Peoria Station Public Meeting

A public meeting was held on the future Peoria Station designed for light rail and commuter rail trains on Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014See the presentation.

Opening in 2016, the Aurora Line/I-225 Rail will provide connections to:

   -  City of Aurora
   -  Anschutz/Fitzsimons Medical Campus
   -  East Rail Line to Denver International Airport and downtown Denver
   -  South Metro Area

If you were unable to attend this meeting but have specific questions or comments about this project, please call Mindy Parnes, Planning Case Manager, at 303.739.7238.

You may also put your comments in writing and send them by email to mparnes@auroragov.org or by mail to City of Aurora, Mindy Parnes, Case Manager at 15151 E. Alameda Parkway #2300, Aurora, CO 80012.

Mississippi Avenue bridge takes shape

Construction of the bridge that will carry light rail trains over Mississippi Avenue at I-225 is moving along at a good pace. The bridge is just under 348 feet long. Crews set 18 girders like the one you see in the photo.
Mississippi bridge along I-225 Rail Line in Aurora, Colo. July 2014
Crews lower a girder into place for the Mississippi Avenue bridge along the I-225 Rail Line. A colorful but stormy sky provides the backdrop. Photo by: Ken Charles (July 2014).

Additional full closures of Mississippi are required in August so crews can pour the concrete bridge deck.

There are a total of two pedestrian bridges and eight train bridges that are part of the I-225 Rail Line project. Seven of the eight train bridges are under construction. Work on the last one is expected to begin in late summer or early fall. That will be for the Sand Creek Bridge crossing over Peoria.

Video: Big projects transforming Colfax

A beehive of activity will be taking place for the next couple of years on Colfax Avenue just west of the I-225 highway.

RTD contractor Kiewit Infrastructure Company is working on the light rail bridge over Colfax, meanwhile CDOT is at work replacing its bridges over Toll Gate Creek.

Aurora Channel 8 featured this work in its latest video about the Aurora Line/I-225 Rail.

See more videos produced by the City of Aurora Communications Department and RTD FasTracks.

South Crossing of Toll Gate Creek Bridge

Check out the slideshow below of the light rail bridge construction process from drilling caissons to pouring the concrete bridge deck.


I-225 Rail Line project team holds public meeting on June 4

At least 50 members of the public showed up to an Aurora Line/I-225 Rail project update public meeting. The update was held at East Middle School in North Aurora on Wednesday, June 4. People were able to get the latest information about the 10.5-mile light rail line. If you weren't able to make it, the presentation is available. Please sign up to receive updates on the project. Learn all of the elements of this major public works project in a new fact sheet.

Slideshow: Work intensifies on I-225 Rail Line

There is major construction going on up and down the length of the I-225 Rail Line in Aurora. Take a look at the slideshow below of photos taken at the end of May at five different construction zones along the corridor.

Video: Take a tour ON the I-225 Median Bridge

RTD engineer James Smith takes us onto the big I-225 Median Bridge which will carry light rail trains over the northbound lanes of I-225 north of Parker Road.

The technology used to install the track on the 1,200-foot long bridge is impressive, and so is the view of the surrounding area. The video is provided by the City of Aurora Communications Department.

The bridge itself is an amazing structure. You can read all about it here.

Video: Sparks fly during flash-butt welding

Workers weld 80-foot long "rail sticks" together to turn them into 800-foot long "rail strings." Once the strings are ready, crews drag them into place for track installation.

See the sparks fly in the video above as Juan Roman of RTD partner Kiewit Infrastructure walks us through how flash-butt welding works.

You can also check out a few photos of the process in the photo gallery below.

Video update: Bridges going up in Aurora

The video below shows up close views of the progress on the big bridges that will carry light rail trains over E. Iliff Avenue and E. 6th Avenue. It was produced and aired in late March by Aurora Channel 8, RTD FasTrack's and I-225 Rail Line contractor Kiewit Infrastructure.

Video: New connections in Aurora

It won't be long and the RTD I-225 Rail Line will transform public transportation in Aurora.

Beginning in 2016, trains will be running on city streets right alongside traffic, taking people to the heart of Aurora and connecting them to all kinds of other places throughout metro Denver including Denver International Airport.

The video above details all of the exciting changes the I-225 Rail Line is bringing to Aurora. RTD FasTracks and Aurora Channel 8 produced the video.

Video: First rail arrives

The first rail arrived in late February for the I-225 Rail Line project. It's for segment 1 near Harvard Avenue.

Track Project Engineer Juan Roman gives us some cool information about the rail in the short video clip below.

The rail is manufactured in Colorado at the EVRAZ plant in Pueblo. It comes from recycled steel. See photos of the rail delivery here.

Construction on I-225 Rail Line

Construction on the complete I-225 Rail Line is underway. Check this website for construction information and be sure to sign up for construction updates and the monthly project newsletter.

Contracting Opportunities on I-225 Rail Line

To learn more about contracting opportunities, please visit the RTD Business Center.

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