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I-225 Rail Line Newsletter - April 2014

Video: Sparks fly during flash-butt welding

Workers weld 80-foot long "rail sticks" together to turn them into 800-foot long "rail strings." Once the strings are ready, crews drag them into place for track installation.

See the sparks fly in the video above as Juan Roman of RTD partner Kiewit Infrastructure walks us through how flash-butt welding works.

You can also check out a few photos of the process in the photo gallery below.


Video update: Bridges going up in Aurora

The video below shows up close views of the progress on the big bridges that will carry light rail trains over E. Iliff Avenue and E. 6th Avenue. It was produced and aired in late March by Aurora Channel 8, RTD FasTrack's and I-225 Rail Line contractor Kiewit Infrastructure.

Major bridge construction at I-225 and Iliff

Crews spent the weekend of March 14 working hard on construction of the light rail train bridge that will cross over E. Iliff Avenue just east of I-225 in Aurora. The video shows a girder that was put in place during the project.

Full construction on the I-225 is underway. See more information about road closures here.

Video: New connections in Aurora

It won't be long and the RTD I-225 Rail Line will transform public transportation in Aurora.

Beginning in 2016, trains will be running on city streets right alongside traffic, taking people to the heart of Aurora and connecting them to all kinds of other places throughout metro Denver including Denver International Airport.

The video above details all of the exciting changes the I-225 Rail Line is bringing to Aurora. RTD FasTracks and Aurora Channel 8 produced the video.

Video: First rail arrives

The first rail arrived in late February for the I-225 Rail Line project. It's for segment 1 near Harvard Avenue.

Track Project Engineer Juan Roman gives us some cool information about the rail in the short video clip below.

The rail is manufactured in Colorado at the EVRAZ plant in Pueblo. It comes from recycled steel. See photos of the rail delivery here.

Construction on I-225 Rail Line

Construction on the complete I-225 Rail Line is underway. Check this website for construction information and be sure to sign up for construction updates and the monthly project newsletter.

Contracting Opportunities on I-225 Rail Line

To learn more about contracting opportunities, please visit the RTD Business Center.

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