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New on the I-225 Rail Line

I-225 Rail Line Newsletter - May 2015

Staying safe around trains
Safety is RTD's top priority. This 10.5-mile light rail line that's under construction through Aurora has almost 30 crossings along the corridor. Read more to learn more about these crossings.

Aurora Line/I-225 Rail celebrates progress
The Aurora Line/I-225 Rail team held an event April 30 to celebrate progress on the 10.5-mile light rail line. If you weren't among the nearly 200 people who attended "Connecting Aurora through Rail - Celebrating Progress" event, never fear! We have a video of the festivities, provided by Aurora Channel 8.

Watch: What to expect in 2015

See the current work and outlook for progress during 2015 on the I-225 Rail Line through Aurora. The Kiewit Infrastructure team of Courtney O'Connor and Gabi Johnson take us on this updated tour.

Year in Review: Aurora Line/I-225 Rail Makes Major Progress in 2014

This year saw the most construction activity in the life of the Aurora Line/I-225 Rail project. Go back and check out the big milestones for the project.

Photos: Progress all along the I-225 Rail Line

The work is intense up and down the I-225 Rail Line in Aurora as we get closer to the end of the year. We have a photo gallery that show the progress and how the project looked in the fall of 2014.


Video: The keys to staying safe in light rail cone zones

What you'll see in this video is eye-opening.

Light rail construction zones can be hazardous to motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians and workers. But if everyone makes sure they're not distracted and stay focused when maneuvering through the zones, everyone will stay safe.

Go on an I-225 Rail Line interactive virtual tour

Visit our interactive map with the rail line's route, pictures of what the train stations look like and pictures of points of interest along the way.

Crews work through downpour on Colfax bridge


Downpouring rain didn't stop crews from completing their big job of installing girders for the light rail train bridge at Colfax and I-225 in Aurora. See more photos of their work in the rain here.

Webcam at Florida Station goes online

A webcam is set up at the I-225 Rail Line's Florida Station where you can check on construction progress. See it here.

Learn about the dual purpose Peoria Station

A public meeting was held on the future Peoria Station designed for light rail and commuter rail trains on Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014See the presentation.

If you were unable to attend this meeting but have specific questions or comments about this project, please call Mindy Parnes, Planning Case Manager, at 303.739.7238.

You may also put your comments in writing and send them by email to mparnes@auroragov.org or by mail to City of Aurora, Mindy Parnes, Case Manager at 15151 E. Alameda Parkway #2300, Aurora, CO 80012.

Update on I-225 Rail Line presented to the public

At least 50 members of the public showed up to an Aurora Line/I-225 Rail project update public meeting. The update was held at East Middle School in North Aurora on Wednesday, June 4. People were able to get the latest information about the 10.5-mile light rail line. If you weren't able to make it, the presentation is available. Please sign up to receive updates on the project. Learn all of the elements of this major public works project in a new fact sheet.

Construction on I-225 Rail Line

Construction on the complete I-225 Rail Line is underway. Check this website for construction information and be sure to sign up for construction updates and the monthly project newsletter.

Contracting Opportunities on I-225 Rail Line

To learn more about contracting opportunities, please visit the RTD Business Center.

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