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This website contains updated information only for those corridors actively in construction, the Southeast Rail Extension and North Metro Rail. All other content on this website is meant for historical purposes only and may not be up-to-date. Please visit RTD-Denver.com for the latest information about RTD.

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Videos: Go inside the I-225 Rail Line construction zones

RTD and the City of Aurora Communications Department have partnered to produce videos about progress on the I-225 Rail Line. These videos give you an exclusive look at what's happening that you otherwise would not be able to see.

The videos appear on Aurora News Weekly on Aurora Channel 8 on cable as well as online.

Countdown is on for the R Line

See how far we've come and where we're going with the R Line as we get closer to opening the light rail line through Aurora.

What's new and what's next on R Line in 2016

Work on the R Line through Aurora will begin to shift from construction as 2016 wears on to getting ready for testing of light rail trains later in the year. Jennie Castor of AuroraTV shows us what's new and what's coming in the video below.

Arch installation at Colfax Station

Focus on the 'A' Line to the airport

Aurora Channel 8 produced a video showing preparations to get the East Rail "A" Line
ready for opening in spring 2016.

The new commuter rail line will serve the airport and several other communities along the line all the way to Union Station in downtown Denver.

Pedestrian Bridge installed at Florida Station

A stretch of I-225 in Aurora has undergone a significant transformation. A new pedestrian bridge was installed over the highway. It connects the Florida light rail station on the east side of the highway with the Medical Center of Aurora campus on the west side.

Inside the light rail command center

Construction on RTD's R Line through Aurora is intense. Track is getting installed, bridges are getting built and systems are being put in place. Even the light rail train command center is getting ready for the addition of the R Line. That's the focus of this video from Aurora Channel 8 on the new light rail line.

Video: Groundbreaking for Iliff Station parking structure

Officials broke ground on the new parking facility at RTD's Iliff light rail station in early June.

Video: Inside the RTD security command center

Security and safety along the I-225 rail are already part of the operations at the state-of-the-art RTD security command center.

Video: 2015 outlook for progress on I-225 Rail Line

See the current work and outlook for progress during 2015 on the I-225 Rail Line through Aurora. The Kiewit Infrastructure team of Courtney O'Connor and Gabi Johnson take us on this updated tour.

Video: Getting around construction zones safely critical for EVERYONE

What you'll see in this video is eye-opening.

Light rail construction zones can be hazardous to motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians and workers. But if everyone makes sure they're not distracted and stay focused when maneuvering through the zones, everyone will stay safe.

Video: The power behind making RTD's light rail trains go

RTD Systems Engineering Project Manager Jason Barber walks us through everything it takes to give the light rail trains their power. The systems to do that are being built up and down the I-225 Rail Line now.

Aurora Channel 8 recently featured this video as part of its coverage of the progress of the rail line.

Video: Transformation coming to Colfax

Video: Take a tour ON the I-225 Median Bridge

RTD engineer James Smith takes us right on the
big I-225 Median Bridge which will carry light rail trains over the
northbound lanes of I-225 north of Parker Road.

Video: Sparks fly during flash-butt welding

Workers weld 80-foot long "rail sticks" together to turn them into 800-foot long "rail
strings." Once the strings are ready, crews drag them into place for track installation.

See the sparks fly in the video above as Juan Roman of RTD partner Kiewit Infrastructure walks us through how flash-butt welding works.

Video update: Bridges going up in Aurora

The video below shows up close views of the progress on the big bridges that will carry light rail trains over E. Iliff Avenue and E. 6th Avenue. It was produced and aired in late March by Aurora Channel 8, RTD FasTracks and I-225 Rail Line contractor Kiewit Infrastructure.

Video: New connections in Aurora

It won't be long and the RTD I-225 Rail Line will transform public transportation in Aurora.

Beginning in 2016, trains will be running on city streets right alongside traffic, taking people to the heart of Aurora and connecting them to all kinds of other places throughout metro Denver including Denver International Airport.

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