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This website contains updated information only for those corridors actively in construction, the Southeast Rail Extension and North Metro Rail. All other content on this website is meant for historical purposes only and may not be up-to-date. Please visit RTD-Denver.com for the latest information about RTD.

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Alternative 6G: LRT-Harlan/Ralston

NOTE: The route shown on this map and described below is conceptual and will change. RTD will continue to refine the route to avoid or minimize impacts to the extent that is feasible. Information below is up to date as of 2/5/07.

Description: Light Rail Transit on arterial streets including 38th Avenue and Harlan

Reason Dismissed: Alternative was over budget and would have caused much greater impacts without providing much better service than other alternatives.

Proposed Technology: Light Rail

Proposed Route: Operating in-street beginning at Denver Union Station (DUS), following Wewatta St. to Park Ave., north on Park Ave. over I-25 to 38th, west on 38th to Harlan, north on Harlan to 48th, west on 48th to Marshall, north on Marshall to Ralston, west on Ralston to Olde Wadsworth, south on Olde Wadsworth to BN/Union Pacific corridor, continues west on Ridge Road parallel to the BN/UP corridor to Ward Road.

7 Proposed Stations: Kalamath, Federal, Sheridan, 45th Ave., Olde Town, Arvada Ridge and Ward

Detailed Evaluation Results: Mobility and Operational Analysis

2030 Travel Time: Ward Road to Union Station, compared with 50 minutes by car 37 minutes 
Avg. Weekday Ridership 11,600 - 11,900
Parking Demand (Station-specific demand will be determined in next phase of analysis) 3,859
Reliability of Service  Low - Operates 56% in shared right of way with vehicular traffic
Impact on Traffic (Impact of the transit vehicle on street traffic)  Moderate/High
Number of At-Grade Street Crossings 109

Detailed Evaluation Results: Cost and Financial Analysis

Capital Cost: Cost to construct the project in 2007 dollars $525 million
Within FasTracks budget? (FasTracks budget is $463 million) No
Eligible for Federal funding? (FasTracks assumes Gold Line uses federal funds) No
Share Some Costs with Northwest Rail? (Sharing track and right of way saves money for both projects) No
Operating Cost Per User (Cost of operating the line divided by the number of users) $3.51
Hours of Travel Time Saved per Day (Key measurement to qualify for Federal Funds) 4,300

Detailed Evaluation Results: Community Benefits and Impacts

Property Acquisitions (Estimated properties that would need to be purchased) 50-60 Residential   
35-40 Commercial
.5 acres of parkland
Population Near Stations (Population within 1/2 mile of preliminary station locations) 34,573
Employment Near Stations (Jobs within 1/2 mile of preliminary station locations) 36,300
Construction Impacts 2nd Most
Restricted Access During Construction 445 businesses with restricted access during construction
Construction Duration 36-40 months 
Public and Agency Support Low

To view a more detailed map of this alternative, click here.

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