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This website contains updated information only for those corridors actively in construction, the Southeast Rail Extension and North Metro Rail. All other content on this website is meant for historical purposes only and may not be up-to-date. Please visit RTD-Denver.com for the latest information about RTD.

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PPP Outreach Event

PPP Industry Forum - Held July 2008

RTD held a EAGLE P3 Project Industry Forum on July 30, 2008. It was standing room only.  Disadvantaged and Small Business Enterprises (D/SBE) and other contractors were encouraged to attend to learn more about the P3 Project.   During the meeting RTD:

•   Described the P3 Project including the corridors, maintenance  facility, rolling stock and operations and maintenance

•   Described how the procurement of the project will be achieved, the procurement schedule and special requirements including D/SBE requirements

•   Discussed the participation of DBE and SBE firms

•   Described how firms not currently certified as either DBE or an SBE may apply         for appropriate certifications

•   Discussed the financing requirements

•   Answered questions

The forum comprised three elements, each with the objective of sharing relevant and timely information with interested parties. The three elements included a Joint Prime D/SBE and Other Contractors Forum, a Concessionaire and Core Contractors Meeting, and an Alignment Tour for Concessionaires and Core Contractors. To view or download materials from the forum click here.

Concessionaire and Core Contractors Meeting

Registration for this meeting was limited to those firms  interested in serving as
either the Concessionaire or as a Core Contractor for the P3 Project and that
are able to demonstrate the following during the RFQ process:

•  Legal capability to do business in Denver, CO

•  Financial capacity to arrange financing for half of the project cost

•  Ability to obtain an highly interested letter from a bank or financial  institution

•  Experience in closing P3 financing

•  Ability to manage a large infrastructure project.Core Contractors should be able to demonstrate that for any role they intend to perform on the P3 Project they have:

• Completed a number of similar projects with similar size and scope

• Financial capacity to obtain the necessary bonding to guarantee their
   performance during the Concessionaire and Core Contractors' meeting

RTD is soliciting Qualification Statements from teams interested in providing the DBFOM services for the P3 Project.  Teams will comprise of a Concessionaire and a number of Core Contractors.  The Concessionaire and the Core Contractors will provide the experience,management skills and financial resources to assure RTD a
successful and timely implementation of the project.


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