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New in the Eagle P3 Project

What's new on the Eagle P3 Project? Check here for the latest news and updates about the project in general. Check the Construction Information page for traffic impacts.

Disabled Rider Views Changes He Helped Bring About

John Barr, a frequent RTD rider who uses a motorized wheelchair due to cerebral palsy, gave input three years ago on the interior design of the new commuter rail cars when a mock-up was on display at Union Station. His input helped lead to wider clearance room for wheelchairs from the entries into the wheelchair area, and to installation of a spring mechanism on the bench seats so they are in the upright position when not in use -- which means a disabled rider won't have to raise the seat bench in order to fit a wheelchair into the space.

John returned to visit the actual cars when the first ones arrive in Denver in December, to see the changes. 9News was there to document the visit. Watch the segment here.

First commuter trains on their way to Denver

First commuter rail cars leave Philadelphia for Denver. October 31, 2014
Four RTD commuter rail cars departed Philadelphia en route to Denver. October 31, 2014

The first rail cars that will be part of RTD's electric commuter rail lines in 2016 have left the assembly plant in Philadelphia on their journey to Denver. The four rail cars departed the Hyundai Rotem USA plant in south Philadelphia about 1 a.m. on Friday, October 31.

Review the September elected officials briefing

Cover slide from Elected Officials BriefingThe Eagle P3 Project conducts quarterly briefings for elected officials in the project's six local government jurisdictions. On Sept. 11, the briefing took place on a three-hour bus tour of the construction sites. You can view the presentation that was given to your representatives here.

Commuter rail maintenance facility almost ready for trains

Crews working inside the commuter rail maintenance facility
Work inside the commuter rail maintenance facility. September 2014

RTD's new commuter rail maintenance facility is almost ready to get its first commuter trains. They will arrive in Denver later during the fall of 2014.

The Gold Line, East Rail Line to the airport, Northwest Rail Line first segment, and North Metro Rail Line will all use commuter rail cars. See information about the difference between commuter trains and light rail trains here.

Some commuter rail cars almost done

Final assembly of our 54 commuter rail cars is in full swing at the Hyundai Rotem plant in Philadelphia.

The new vehicles will serve the East, Gold and Northwest rail lines in 2016. RTD has purchased an additional 12 cars to serve the North Metro Rail Line, which opens in 2018. We'll have 66 total commuter rail vehicles. Read more here.

Telephone Town Hall meetings held

Several RTD board directors hosted telephone town hall meetings in May and June. Thousands of people were able to call in and find out the latest information about the Eagle P3 project and the FasTracks program in general.

You can listen to an audio recording or read a transcript from the telephone town hall meeting for your district.

Find out which district you live in here.

Eagle P3 winter 2014 video update

See all of the progress being made on the East Rail Line, the Gold Line the Northwest Rail Line and the commuter rail maintenance facility in the video below.

Eagle P3 project update to RTD Board of Directors

Take a look at the project update presented to the RTD Board on Feb. 4, 2014. The presentation includes information on the project's status in both final design and construction to date, the commuter rail maintenance facility, fabrication of the commuter rail cars and photos of construction in the field.

RTD leaders get first-hand update on commuter rail cars

The top executives from RTD went on a tour of the Hyundai Rotem plant in Philadelphia where Denver's first commuter rail cars are undergoing assembly. Read what they learned about progress on the trains here.

Eagle P3 gives $710 million boost to local economy

Workers install rail ties for commuter trainsThrough December 2013, the Eagle P3 Project has added more than $710 million dollars to the Colorado economy. The project includes 1,250 employees hired directly by DTP or its many subcontractors, for a total of 3,775 employee-years worked on the project since it started in 2010.

See the full breakdown of the project's economic impact here.

RTD's first commuter railcars under construction in Philadelphia

RTD's first commuter railcars are in final assembly Hyundai Rotem's plant in south Philadelphia. Twenty six of the total 54 vehicles for the project are at the plant. Watch the video to see their journey so far... from South Korea to the United States.

RTD will use commuter railcars on the East Rail Line, the Gold Line, the Northwest Rail Line first segment and the North Metro Rail Line.

6 of 15 Eagle P3 Project rail stations get new names

Rendering of Pecos Junction Station
Rendering of the Pecos Junction Station
The RTD Board has unanimously adopted several changes for six of the 15 commuter rail stations on the Eagle P3 Project -- four on the Gold Line and two on the East Rail Line. The changes came after a final review of the names that had been in use.

There are several reasons for the changes. First and foremost, safety experts recommended that RTD re-evaluate any names that are duplicated or similar to existing stations already in the RTD system, to avoid confusion during emergency dispatching.

As there already are stations named Sheridan, Decatur • Federal and Federal Center on the new West Rail Line, RTD has modified the names of the Sheridan and Federal stations on the Gold Line.

In addition, RTD worked with the six local government partners on the 36-mile commuter rail project to see if they wanted any changes to better fit their future land use planning efforts. That led to five of the six modifications.

The result of all this was to formally change the names of six of the 15 stations on the overall project. You can view the new station names, and explore the rail lines online, on our interactive maps of the project:
Gold Line Base Map
Gold Line Virtual Tour (includes photos)
East Rail Line Map
East Rail Line Virtual Tour (includes photos)

Here are the final names of all the stations:

All lines:
  • Union Station (no change)
Northwest Rail:
  • Westminster (no change)
Gold Line:
  • 41st & Fox (no change)
  • Pecos Junction (change from Pecos)
  • Clear Creek • Federal (change from Federal)
  • 60th & Sheridan • Arvada Gold Strike (change from Sheridan)
  • Olde Town Arvada (no change)
  • Arvada Ridge (no change)
  • Wheat Ridge • Ward (change from Ward Road)
East Rail Line:
  • 38th & Blake (no change)
  • 40th & Colorado (no change)
  • Central Park (no change)
  • Peoria (no change)
  • 40th Ave. & Airport Blvd. • Gateway Park (change from 40th Ave. & Airport Blvd)
  • Denver Airport (change from Denver International Airport)

See the Eagle P3 Project elected officials briefing

The quarterly briefing for elected officials and their staff was held on Nov. 14, 2013. You can view the presentation that was shown at the briefing.

Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility takes shape

RTD's new commuter rail maintenance facility in Globeville is nearly topped off with its structural steel. By autumn, it will be enclosed for the start of interior work. See the progress on the facility, at 48th Avenue and Fox Street, in this slideshow.


The building and the railyard in front of it will be the nerve center for RTD FasTracks' new commuter rail lines. The facility in Globeville will be twice the size of the Elati Light Rail Maintenance Facility off South Santa Fe Drive in Englewood. Different than light rail and brand new to the Denver metro area, commuter rail vehicles are larger and operate at higher speeds than light rail.

Eagle P3: Halfway to Opening Day

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) celebrated another milestone on the FasTracks program. The Eagle P3 project, which comprises three commuter rail lines and a commuter rail maintenance facility, is halfway to completion and marked the occasion with a public event on Aug. 22, 2013, at the South Platte River Bridge construction site.

Tracks installed along the East Rail Line. Jul 18, 2013
Tracks installed along the East Rail Line. July 18, 2013

The three lines are the East Rail Line to Denver International Airport, the Gold Line to Arvada and Wheat Ridge, and the first segment of the Northwest Rail Line to south Westminster. These three lines and the new commuter rail maintenance facility will open in 2016.

Video: First Run of the New Commuter Rail Car

RTD's new commuter rail car made its first run under its own power in May at the Hyundai Rotem plant in Changwon, Korea. Here is a video made on that rainy morning.

Video: Eagle Project Progress Spring 2013

This video shows how much construction is going on in metro Denver on the Eagle P3 project. It's a spring time update on what's happening with the Gold Line, the Northwest Rail, the East Line and the Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility.

Lessons Learned Report on the Eagle P3 Procurement

Read the RTD report on lessons learned from doing the nation's first full transit public private partnership.

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