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Denver Union Station Transportation Facility Project Overview

The Denver Union Station area is being transformed into a multimodal transportation hub, to serve as a major connector to downtown Denver.  Integrating bus transit, light rail, commuter rail and AMTRAK as part of the Regional Transportation District (RTD) FasTracks program is one of the most ambitious rail projects in the United States. The existing historic Denver Union Station will remain as a downtown landmark and is part of a larger master plan for the overall development. The existing Building will continue to serve as the gateway to the new transportation hub which is being developed on land behind the existing building. The hub includes a 22 bay underground bus terminal that features an interior pedestrian concourse. The future 17th Street pavilion and plaza areas will provide a street level connection between the lightrail station and Mall shuttle platforms at one end of the terminal and the commuter rail platforms at the other.  All portions of the project are being planned with an eye toward sustainability.

Sustainability promotes the idea that the uses of resources for current needs should not compromise future needs.  With this in mind, RTD, along with the design-build team, has committed to achieving LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the US Green Building Council, a non-profit organization.  With the combination of LEED strategies applied to the building of the project, the new Denver Union Station transportation hub is expected to:
  • Reduce the dependence on fossil fuels by being a major transportation hub and providing access to lightrail and commuter rail, bus service and bike racks.
  • Reduce the building water consumption by 36%, saving over 150,000 gallons of potable water each year.
  • Divert more than 75% of construction waste from local landfills.
  • Save 30% energy over a standard building.
  • Reduce the use of raw materials, decrease fossil fuel consumption, and foster the local economy by using over 20% recycled materials and 10% regional materials.
  • Provide cleaner air for you to breathe by increasing the ventilation air by 30% and using low- emitting materials.
  • Provide natural light into the underground pedestrian concourse through skylights.
  • Create a healthy environment for the staff and commuters by using low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) products.
  • Implement a green cleaning policy within the facility and an Exterior and Hardscape Management Plan for site maintenance.

As the Denver Union Station project progresses, various measures will continue to be utilized by incorporating the latest in "green" technology to ensure long-term sustainability.  LEED certification for the facility is just one example of RTD's commitment to the community's needs, present and future.

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