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This website contains updated information only for those corridors actively in construction, the Southeast Rail Extension and North Metro Rail. All other content on this website is meant for historical purposes only and may not be up-to-date. Please visit RTD-Denver.com for the latest information about RTD.

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Artwork - Call for Entries Information

RTD is proud to announce the first Call for Entries for artwork on the FasTracks program - at Denver Union Station.  We are looking for an artist to design, fabricate and install interpretive displays/signage.  Applications for this commission will only be accepted through Cafe at www.callforentry.org.

If you have questions, contact Brenda.Tierney@rtd-fastracks.com
To see call for entries information click here.

A pre-submittal walkthough was held on April 20 at Denver Union Station.  
       Handout from the Walkthrough
       Questions from the Walkthrough (will be updated regularly)
I. Interpretive Displays/Signage - Budget $90,000
       Locations Map  (Historic Building is outlined in Red)     

       Description of Pedestrian Bridge (area 5) presentation (approx 13'x13')

       Rendering of Wewatta Plaza (area 6)

       Rendering of Future Cutaway view
       Public Presentation - April 20, 2011

       Historic Remnants available for Use (optional)
           List of Remnants (includes quantities of each)
           Photo of Item 1 - Rail
           Photo of Item 2 - Bricks
           Photo of Item 3 - Rhyolite stone in storage bundles
           Photo of Item 3 - Rhyolite Stone in original location
           Item 4 - Sandstone Lintels- (THIS ITEM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
           Photo of Item 5 - Gate Number Signage 
           Photo of Item 6 - Doors
           Photo of Item 7 - Gate Signage
           Photo of Item 8 - Stool Bases  

Historic Resources Report - This report was prepared as part of the Environmental work in 2008.

Historic Structures Assessment  - has a good architectural building description and a wealth of photos of the site and the building in the back.


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